About us

About us

“Oh, you keep horses, how nice! How many do you have?” And our answer is always a two-digit number which astonishes the co-speakers; “So many! Why?” A good question, which we sometimes ask ourselves, too. And why goats, sheep, cats, dogs, fish and the Swine, which has been wandering freely around the barn and pasture for who knows how many years now, are almost like our family members.

The answer is probably that this is our way of life. That we live in the middle of nature, are closely connected with it and have always been surrounded with animals. This is why our farm is ecological and the welfare of our animals always comes first.

It is also true that for several years, horses have been in the first place, and everything else has turned around them. From the infrastructure that we have gradually built in order for horses and riders to feel as best as possible here, to the opening of the farm for visitors, riders who enjoy field riding in a good company and who do not look for luxury but authenticity.

On the farm, neighing of the horses often mixes with the sound of motorbikes, which our sons remake and renew with great enthusiasm. Their collection of motorbikes grows by the year and each one of them has its own story. Yes, horses in one form or another truly make our lives richer.

“Happiness is in the little things.”