Care of horses

Care of horses

In the modern stable there are 16 spatial boxes, a saddlery and a horse wash. Outside there is a small arena. In addition to the hay we make ourselves, horses are given grain or suitable fodder and supplements provided by the owner. We feed and clean twice a day, while horses are on the pasture, provided that weather conditions allow it.

We are lucky that we could arrange two large pastures in the size of several hectares. In the middle of them, there flows a stream which provides clean and fresh water to horses. Besides, horses thus lose the fear of crossing the water!
In addition to the flatland pastures, we have two mountain pastures with a steep terrain, which are especially suitable for young horses, since they offer optimum conditions for the development of muscles.

The price of daily care of a horse is 7 €.

The price of monthly care of a horse is 200,00 €.

The price of monthly care of a horse and the use of the arena is 230,00 €.